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Kode With Klossy, in partnership with Teach For America, is looking for instructors who are passionate about teaching and inspiring others. Kode With Klossy instructors have some exposure and/or experience with computer science and are willing to step out of their comfort zones to learn something new and exciting. We look for logical thinkers and quick learners, and instructors who love working with others (all of our classes are co-taught). Most of all, we are looking for instructors who see the best in others, and can bring fun, passion and excitement to the classroom to motivate the next generation of tech leaders. Teaching experience required.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible?

Please see the job description in the link above for job requirements.

Will I be compensated?

A per camp stipend, as well as a training stipend, is provided to all instructors.

Do I need experience to apply?

In order to work as an instructor at a Kode With Klossy camp, instructional experience is a must. You will also need to have the coding skills and experience necessary to help others achieve. That said, pre-camp training will be provided. The application will ask more about your existing skills and experiences.

What language will you be teaching?

Camps include three custom curriculum modules: Web Applications (focused on building web-based software with JavaScript, HTML and CSS), Mobile Applications Development (with Apple's Swift), and Data Science (building data visualizations with a foundation of Python and SQL).

How will instructors be selected?

Instructors are selected based on an application and interview. The most important qualities we are looking for are mission-alignment, leadership, flexibility, equity-mindedness, dependability, and collaboration.

Who should apply as a returning instructor?

If you have been a Kode With Klossy instructor in the past, apply using the ‘Returning Instructor’ application. Others should apply using the ‘New Instructor’ application.

When will I find out if I've been selected?

Applicants will receive a final decision notification in February if they have been selected to work as an instructor at Kode With Klossy. Due to the number of applicants, we cannot give individualized feedback on applications.

What commitment do I need to make to camps?

It is expected that you are able to work for the full two weeks (10 days) of your camp. We will ask for your summer availability as part of your application. You will be expected to complete trainings in the spring in advance of your camp.

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