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Nasrin has earned accolades like the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing and the NCWIT Impact Award. She's had the privilege of contributing to diverse projects, from enhancing game descriptions with AI during my Microsoft Explore Internship to facilitating empowering workshops on web development as a Kode with Klossy Campus Workshop Facilitator. Her involvement in initiatives like Vytal Seats and the Google Developer Student Club reflects my commitment to making tech inclusive and accessible. Projects like "Seeing Eye" and the Barbie Swan Lake Dress-Up game showcase Nasrin's technical skills, but her creativity doesn't stop there. Modeling, fashion design, and her passion for art, including writing, drawing, and poetry, are integral parts of her identity. Technology and art aren't separate realms for her; they're interconnected, each fueling her creativity and innovation.

Nasrin's journey has empowered her to lead. As President of GMU’s National Society of Black Engineers Chapter, she focuses on bringing opportunities to her peers. Whether it's scholarships, workshops, or networking events, her goal is to empower others to succeed. Her role as a Google Student Developer Club Lead further reinforces her commitment to breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity in the tech industry.

Nasrin is also deeply committed to education. As a dedicated elementary + middle school math and language arts tutor, she spends hours each week guiding her students. Witnessing their progress and growth is incredibly rewarding.

Beyond the tech world, she find fulfillment in empowering minorities in tech. From teaching workshops to fostering safe spaces in various organizations, Nasrin strives to create environments where everyone's voice is heard. Modeling, fashion design, and art are not just hobbies; they're avenues for self-expression and empowerment.


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"My experiences at programs like Kode with Klossy have been transformative. They taught me the importance of authenticity and embracing my unique perspective in tech."

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