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Alumni sisters Kyara &Valeria Torres-Olivares learned about the inequities in STEAM through their Kode With Klossy experience. To lessen these unwelcoming experiences minority students in STEAM faced in our community, they founded Code Equal in 2017, a non-profit that provides underrepresented students the opportunity, support, and knowledge they need to succeed. They started teaching just two classes at their local public library. The response was incredible, and courses eventually expanded into the school year. They focus on making their environments a place and on creating non-traditional educational material aids in engaging and creating excitement.

Kyara & Valeria

picture profile of Kyara & Valeria Torres-Olivares

“Programs like Kode With Klossy can be a powerful pivoting point in students’ lives. Even in well-funded public schools, women are not given the environment and support system they need to confidently enter spaces where they have traditionally not been represented or welcome. Programs like KWK are critical in supplementing traditional forms of education because they provide smaller spaces and communities made for women to thrive and learn.”

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