Bring camp magic to your community! 

Campus Workshops are an opportunity for alumni to bring Kode With Klossy learning to their own communities.

Through a series of interactive, virtual workshops led by Kode With Klossy alumni Facilitators, scholars will learn HTML and CSS and explore the world of tech.


Facilitators are alumni that are passionate about teaching, mentoring and empowering those around them. They are responsible for recruiting a cohort of scholars for the program, fostering a supportive environment, and leading each workshop.

Scholars will learn new concepts and skills through a series of instructional videos and activities created by the Kode With Klossy team. Facilitators will reinforce the learning by debugging code, reviewing tricky concepts, and leading community-building exercises.

Workshops are completely free for all participants. Access to technology is not required for participation (and neither is prior computer science experience!)


Throughout the experience, scholars will build and design a fully functioning website that showcases their personal passions, creativity, and innovation. 

Facilitator applications are now closed.

If you applied to the role, you can expect to hear back the week of October 25th. Please reach out to campus@kodewithklossy.com with any questions. 

Training for facilitators will be held on October 30th and November 14th from 2 - 4 PM ET. 

Watch the info session to learn more! 

Frequently asked questions

Can you clarify the time commitment for facilitators?

Facilitators will be required to attend 2 training sessions on October 30th and November 14th, totaling 6 hours, as well as commit time to recruiting scholars for the program. Facilitators will also be responsible for leading workshops, which will total approximately 6 hours.

Will this happen on Zoom? Do I need to be in the same place as the rest of people in my workshop?

Yes, workshops will be facilitated virtually. This means that scholar and facilitators can log on from any location!

When will the workshops take place?

The dates and times of workshops will determined by facilitators. They can start as early as mid-November and end as late as mid-December, before the holiday break.

Do I need to have a co-facilitator?

We are likely going to encourage workshops to be co-led but can also potentially have them solo-led. We know that there is immense value in collaboration between multiple leaders, just like in camps! There is a space in the application to note if there is a specific person you'd like to co-facilitate with.

What does the scholar recruitment process look like?

The Kode With Klossy team will provide you with resources, including PPT decks, flyers, and talking points to help you recruit scholars. You and any co-facilitators will share the opportunity with interested students, school leaders, or organizations and build a cohort of scholars. We believe this learning experience is best suited for a group of at least 5 and no more than 20 scholars.